Terms & Conditions

This section provides all of the regulations and rules which govern your use of the Casino 1920 website. We advise you to read them carefully as using the website constitutes your acceptance of, and agreement to follow all of the Terms and Conditions as presented below.

  1. General Introduction, Definitions and Stipulations
    1. The “Rules” represent the Terms & Conditions and form the contract between parties governing the use of this website, said use constituting acceptance of all Casino 1920 Rules contained herein.
    2. The English version of the Casino 1920 Rules shall take precedence over any other version translated or issued in a language other than English. Casino 1920 reserves the right to initiate legal action in any jurisdiction or country to seek damages, injunctions or any other legal action deemed appropriate.
    3. Individuals may contact Casino 1920 by phone in the US at +. Emails may be sent to [email protected] or visit the website at www.casino1920.com.
    4. Casino 1920 offers and operates all Games under license issued by Top Games as the patent holder of said Games.
    5. The individual enters into a contractual relationship with Casino 1920 and is hereafter referred as “Member,” or “Player.”
    6. A Casino 1920 account is established with individual Members to develop a commercial relationship with Casino 1920 involving wagering, gaming and other gambling activities.
    7. The “Contract” is a relationship between the Member and Casino 1920 which is governed and affirmed by the Casino 1920 Rules.
    8. The “Site” constitutes the Internet access point having the address www.casino1920.com and is where Casino 1920 publishes all relevant information.
    9. “Software” denotes the computer applications, user interfaces, data, algorithms which facilitate wagering, gambling and gaming activities provided by Casino 1920.
    10. A “Card” denotes any credit or debit card or any other card suitable for facilitating financial transactions that is accepted by Casino 1920.
    11. A “Payment Solution Provider” is a third party entity facilitating financial transactions between Casino 1920 and its Members.
    12. “Financial Institution” refers to any bank or regulated agency providing financial services.
    13. “Force Majeure” denotes any instance, event or occurrence which is beyond the control of Casino 1920 or any individual that results in a delay, interruption or failure to complete one’s contractual obligation. In the context of the Casino 1920 Rules, Force Majeure shall include, but not be limited to: Acts of God, War, Government Intervention of Restriction, Insurrections, Revolutions or any other events, natural or otherwise, which are reasonably outside of the affected party’s control.
  2. Your Casino 1920 Account
    1. No individual may participate in a Casino 1920 Game without being a registered Member with a valid Casino 1920 account. Individuals may register as a Member by completing and submitting a Casino 1920 Application for Registration which shall include:
      • Legally binding statement that the individual is at least eighteen (18) years of age at the time of registration;
      • The individual’s legal place of residence;
      • The individual’s identity;
      • The individual’s email address;
      • Completing the Application for Registration implicitly attests that the individual has provided truthful and accurate information. Casino 1920 does not allow individuals to complete more than one (1) registration. Any individual registering multiple times or having knowingly provided false information during the Application for Registration process shall have their membership cancelled.
    2. Any individual completing the Application for Registration and applying for a Casino 1920 account accepts and acknowledges:
      • all definitions stipulated in Clause 1 and throughout the Terms & Conditions;
      • that he shall undertake to abide by the Terms & Conditions presented on the website at present as well as in the future;
      • that Casino 1920 reserves the right to change, modify or adjust any or all the Terms & Conditions without notifying the Member. The Member assumes full responsibility for staying informed and aware of any alterations to said Terms & Conditions.
    3. At all times, at its sole discretion, Casino 1920 reserves the right to:
        • refuse to open or close a Member’s account at any time for any reason and is not required to provide the Member with any explanation for such a decision;
        • adjust or change a Member’s VIP level at any time with no prior notice;
        • accept or decline a Member’s deposit and is not required to provide the Member with any explanation for such a decision;
        • suspend a Member’s access to and participation in Games, promotional activities and any other services provided by Casino 1920 if Casino 1920 suspects that said Member is using their Casino 1920 account for fraudulent, illegal or dishonest activity;
        • request that prior to completing withdrawal or deposit requests, the Member provides documentation verifying their identity and authority under which they use Cards in question;
        • license or transfer a Member’s data without prior notice to any legal agency or the agency’s representative in any country should Casino 1920 deem the Member’s activities to be fraudulent. Said licensing and transfers will be in accordance with Casino 1920’s Privacy Policy, as detailed in Clause 5;
        • license or transfer its rights and liabilities regarding said fraudulent Member to any legal agency or the agency’s representative in any country provided Casino 1920 receives sufficient guarantee Casino 1920’s liabilities will be honored by the receiving party;
        • manage and maintain a Member’s funds according to generally accepted principles including, but not limited to, entrusting a payment provider or financial institution with the Member’s funds to be deposited to an account registered under the Member’s name;

      Should a Member directly or indirectly fail to comply with the Casino 1920 Terms & Conditions, Casino 1920 has the authority to, at its sole discretion and without prior notice, freeze the Member’s account and seize all funds therein.

    4. Individuals applying for a Casino 1920 account implicitly attest to being eighteen (18) years of age or older. Casino 1920 may, at its sole discretion, require the applicant to provide proof of age.
    5. A Member warrants and represents, at all times, not to:
      • be a legal resident of Romania, Ukraine, Israel or Poland;
      • be of restricted legal capacity;
      • be engaging in activities with Casino 1920 on behalf of a third party;
      • be suffering from gambling addiction or be a compulsive gambler;
      • have obtained any of the funds deposited with Casino 1920 in an illegal manner;
      • be engaged in any illegal activities which directly or indirectly involve the Member’s Casino 1920 account;
      • have any affiliation with Casino 1920 or any of its partners, third party contractors or other entities directly or indirectly involved in business collaborations with Casino 1920.
    6. Casino 1920 warrants and represents, at all times, to:
      • Handle member data and information in a safe, appropriate and secure manner;
      • Assume and remit any Betting Duty incurred at the Place of Contract;
      • Manage member funds in a safe, appropriate and secure manner.
    7. Casino 1920 accounts are opened, maintained and settled in an agreed currency between the Member and Casino 1920. All wagers, winning and balances shall be displayed in the agreed upon currency. All transactions shall be calculated and settled according the prevailing exchange rate as determined by the relevant financial institutions involved. Minor discrepancy may be observed in recorded amounts due to fluctuations in exchange rates.
    8. Casino 1920 accounts are not interest bearing accounts.
    9. Members are limited to one (1) Casino 1920 account at any time. Members found to possess multiple accounts will have the additional accounts cancelled and any funds in said additional accounts will be forfeit. Casino 1920 has sole and exclusive discretion to determine which account is primary and which are additional.
      • Should Casino 1920 determine a Member’s account to be fraudulent, the account will be cancelled, the funds seized and the Member banned.
    10. Casino 1920 accounts are for entertainment use only. All other purposes are prohibited including professional gambling.
    11. Claims relating to transactions involving a Casino 1920 account must be submitted to Casino 1920 within three (3) calendar months of when the transaction was completed or should have been completed. In all other instances, Casino 1920 may at its sole discretion refuse to consider the Member’s claim.
    12. All Members are encouraged to register complaints with Casino 1920’s customer service department. Amicable resolution to the dispute shall be sought in a reasonable amount of time.
      • Any Member utilizing an alternative dispute resolution method shall have their Casino 1920 account closed upon resolution of the aforementioned complaint.
    13. In the event of any dispute between Casino 1920 and a Member, Casino 1920 agrees to provide the Member with a transaction record. Furthermore, Casino 1920 may provide a transaction record to any legal or designated third party at Casino 1920’s sole discretion.
    14. Any Member registering a complaint agrees to provide proof of their identity, clear and concise information about the nature and manner of the complaint, and any other relevant details Casino 1920 may request.
    15. Professional card counters are prohibited. If you are found to be a professional card counter, any winnings will be forfeit and your account will be subject to immediate closure.
  3. Payment Rules
    1. Casino 1920 supports payment and withdrawal only through financial institutions and payment solution providers. The rules, policies and procedures may vary depending on the institutions and countries involved in the specific transaction. For current information, review the “Withdraw” and “Cashier” sections in your Casino 1920 Account.
    2. Casino 1920 maintains separate accounts for member funds and Casino 1920 operating funds. All member funds are held in an independent financial institution.
    3. Prior to completing any request for withdrawal, Casino 1920 shall verify the Member’s age, identity and place of legal residence.
    4. Casino 1920 may, at its own discretion, designate a payment solution provider to act on its behalf while processing deposits and withdrawals, and/or holding and managing member funds.
    5. Casino 1920 shall not accept deposits in cash.
    6. Casino 1920 shall deposit into member accounts any and all funds a Member is entitled to as a result of moneys owed by Casino 1920 to said Member or a deposit by said Member.
    7. Members may only make deposits using personal credit cards, debit cards or other approved deposit methods.
    8. Casino 1920 shall not accept wagers from Members who have not created a Casino 1920 account under the Member’s name, or have insufficient funds in the Casino 1920 account to cover the wager.
    9. Casino 1920 shall manage credits to a Member’s account in the following situations:
      • Wagers made by the Member in the course of a Game become incorporated into the Member’s account balance;
      • Credit transfers owned by the Member are requested to be transferred into the Member’s account;
      • Casino 1920 may apply any charges resulting from exchange rates, banking fees or other reasonable financial institution charges as a result of deposit or withdrawal activity.
    10. All payments and withdrawals by a Member must be transferred to an account verified under the Member’s legal name or directly remitted to the Member’s legal physical address.
    11. Casino 1920 reserves the right to assess an administrative $30 fee when processing wire transfer and withdrawals. Such a fee shall be published on the site and the amount shall be determined by the costs charged by relevant payment providers.
  4. Security Rules
    1. Casino 1920 regards a Member’s data and personal information with the highest confidentiality. Casino 1920 may disclose a Member’s data and personal information in compliance with a valid legal order from court, judge or other recognized authority with established jurisdiction. Casino 1920 may also disclose a Member’s data and personal information to third party engaged in investigative activity should the Member violate Casino 1920’s Terms & Conditions.
    2. Members are provided with a personal Account ID upon completion of the registration process. The Username and Password are selected by the Member and the Member is solely responsible for protecting that information. If a Member believes their password has been compromised, they ought to contact Casino 1920 Customer Service for assistance in creating a new password.
    3. Casino 1920 reserves the right to record any and all phone conversations with our Members. Such recordings may be used for quality assurance, security or training purposes.
    4. Casino 1920 maintains a record of all Internet communications with our Members for quality assurance.
    5. Deposits made with a credit or debit card may, on occasion, be declined or partially honored. Such instances are in accordance with our security processes and in coordination with financial institutions and online payment providers. Because Casino 1920 is not the sole party involved in these decisions, Casino 1920 personnel cannot resolve any arising member concerns, but shall attempt to assist Members and offer alternative solutions.
    6. Casino 1920 may request additional documentation or an authorization to use a specific credit or debit card which may result in delay to the processing of deposit or withdrawal requests.
    7. Members using or abusing a bug in the Casino 1920 Software are in violation of the Terms & Conditions. Members discovering such a bug are required to inform Casino 1920 of their suspicion immediately by sending an email to [email protected] Members using and abusing such bugs to gain an advantage shall have their Casino 1920 account frozen, play suspended and be subject to all appropriate legal measures.
    8. Members sharing a residence are entitled to a “Household Account”
      Play Money may only be used once per IP address or household. Should a Member violate these terms, the account will be suspended, the Bonus forfeited and the Casino 1920 account frozen.
  5. Privacy Policy
    1. Casino 1920 has adopted a best practices approach to data security, including strict adherence to the Data Protection Act (1998) and relevant legal notices, regulations and similar recommendations at the Place of Contract with regard to the Data Protection System.
    2. All reasonable steps and processes are in place to protect Members’ data and personal information at all times, including:
      • All Casino 1920 member activity is processed with Member’s rights in mind;
      • All Casino 1920 member activity is processed lawfully and fairly;
      • All Casino 1920 member data and information is gathered only for specific and legal purposes;
      • All Casino 1920 member data and information is limited only to what is necessary and relevant to its purpose;
      • All Casino 1920 member data and information is updated and accurate to the best of our ability;
      • All Casino 1920 member data and information is maintained in a safe and secure manner;
      • All Casino 1920 member data and information is destroyed when it is no longer required for its purpose;
      • No Casino 1920 member data and information is transmitted, transferred or shared with entities or jurisdictions not complying with Casino 1920 standards of best practice;
      • All Casino 1920 member data and information may only be used for marketing purposes under opt-in principles.
    3. Disclosure and transfer of Casino 1920’s member data and information may occur when a valid governmental authority provides proper legal documentation requesting a Member’s information and data. Members further acknowledge and agree Casino 1920 may employ AVS service providers and other third parties in an effort to detect and control fraud and that member data may be shared with these parties for this purpose. Additionally, Casino 1920 reserves the exclusive right to share member data with relevant parties when there is reasonable suspicion a Member’s Casino 1920 account may be involved in irregular activity.
    4. Casino 1920 reserves the right to share member information with affiliated product and service providers who may present Members with offers of potential interest. Such information may be shared with employees, business partners or independent contractors.
    5. Casino 1920 shall not release member data to companies not affiliated or partnered with Casino 1920 except when necessary to complete transactions (such as withdrawals and deposits) on behalf of the Member; whenever a transfer of data occurs, the member data is protected by the privacy rules of the receiving party.
    6. Casino 1920 shall process member data through Customer Relationship Management applications. Marketing and promotional material will only be received by Members who opt-in.
    7. Members are entitled to access their own personal data and make any necessary corrections, additions or deletions. Questions about our Privacy Policy may be directed to [email protected]
    8. Casino 1920 Cookie Policy:
      • Casino 1920 uses cookies to identify the preferred language support on the website;
      • Casino 1920 uses cookies to ensure wagers placed by Members are properly associated with their Casino 1920 account and betting Coupon;
      • Casino 1920 uses cookies to ensure any Bonuses the Member is eligible for are credited to the Member;
      • Casino 1920 uses cookies to analyze site traffic and facilitate improvements to the website. Note: it is not possible to use the Casino 1920 website without enabling cookies. Questions regarding Casino 1920’s Cookie Policy should be directed to [email protected]
    9. Casino 1920 will not share, sell or disclose any personal member information, including their e-mail address, with any third party except in the instances previously described.
    10. Information on Member’s winnings and completed withdrawals may be used in advertising. Additionally, a Member’s personal information and winnings may be provided to third parties in good faith or when such information is required by the prevailing laws or regulations of a properly recognized governing authority with valid jurisdiction.
  6. Responsible Gaming
    1. Members are entitled to establish limits on the time and amount wagered within a given period.
    2. Casino 1920 reserves the exclusive right to close the account of any Member deemed to be engaging in wagering behavior that may result in personal or financial difficulties.
    3. All gaming, including remote gambling and wagering, has the potential to be addictive.
    4. Members are entitled to establish limits on the amount which can be deposited each week by email. Please allow up to twenty-four (24) hours for these limits to be put in place.
  7. Withdrawal Terms and Conditions
    1. Placement of a withdrawal request constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of the Withdrawal Terms & Conditions. Withdrawals shall only be processed via the payment methods displayed on the Casino 1920 Withdrawal Page.
    2. Casino 1920 limits Members to one (1) withdrawal request per week.
      • Members submitting multiple withdrawal requests in a single week shall have only one (1) request reviewed;
      • Play Money is not eligible for withdrawal.
    3. Withdrawal requests will require a maximum of 14 business days to be finalized.
    4. Casino 1920 shall automatically decline any and all withdrawal requests from member accounts designated as “High Risk” by our security department, in order to prevent identitiy theft.
    5. Members must fulfill all wagering requirements prior to requesting a withdrawal. Failure to meet said requirements will result in automatic denial of the withdrawal request.
    6. Withdrawal Limits:
      • Member accounts being operated under a currency other than the US dollar are subject to the same withdrawal limits according to the prevailing exchange rate at the time of the withdrawal request;
      • Withdrawals by paper check must be a minimum of 300 USD; E-Check withdrawals must be a minimum of 100 USD and all other supported methods must be a minimum of 50 USD.
      • The maximum weekly withdrawal amount is based on a Member’s VIP level:
        • Bronze VIP Members have a weekly maximum withdrawal limit of 2,000 USD;
        • Silver VIP Members have a weekly maximum withdrawal limit of 5,000 USD;
        • Gold VIP Members have a weekly maximum withdrawal limit of 10,000 USD;
      • The VIP level is calculated on the basis of the Member’s activity on Casino 1920. More active Members are awarded with higher VIP levels and less active Members receive lower VIP levels. Contact a Casino 1920 representative to identify your current VIP level.
      • The withdrawal limits on Play Money are also determined by VIP level:
        • Bronze VIP Members have a per Bonus maximum withdrawal limit of 200 USD;
        • Silver VIP Members have a per Bonus maximum withdrawal limit of 500 USD;
        • Gold VIP Members have a per Bonus maximum withdrawal limit of 1,000 USD;
      • Members receiving Play Money upon completing the registration process are eligible to withdraw the Play Money provided they have made a deposit within five (5) days preceding the withdrawal request.
      • Maximum cashout amount for every player is ten (10) times they have deposited.
    7. Documents Required:
      • Prior to initiating a withdrawal request, Members must submit:
        • a legible copy of current government-issued ID with photo;
        • a legible copy of utility bill in the Member’s name displaying their current address issued no more than three (3) months ago;
        • a legible copy of landline bill in the Member’s name displaying their current address. In the event of the Member not having a landline, a copy of their mobile phone bill may be submitted, however, it is up to Casino 1920 to decide whether it shall be accepted;
        • vouchers for all credit or debit cards used in the previous six (6) months;
        • a legible copy of the front of all credit or debit cards used to fund the Casino 1920 account;
        • a legible copy of a voided check with signature if E-Check will be used to withdraw from or fund the Casino 1920 account;
        • all documentation by email to [email protected];
      • All required documentation must be on file with Casino 1920 prior to a Member initiating a withdrawal request. Casino 1920 shall not process any withdrawal request in the event of any conflict with the information provided by the Member and the documentation submitted. Furthermore, Casino 1920 has the right to request additional documentation to verify the Member’s identity and/or funding and withdrawal methods prior to the approval of any withdrawal request;
      • Submitted documentation shall remain valid for up to one (1) year. It is the sole responsibility of the Member to submit updated documentation as required.
    8. E-Check Withdrawals:
      • Casino 1920 is required to complete an authentication procedure prior to reimbursement of any approved E-Check withdrawal;
      • Casino 1920 shall verify the Member’s banking information on file with the banking institution;
      • If Casino 1920 is unable to complete the verification of a Member’s banking information within seven (7) business days of the approved E-Check withdrawal, the withdrawal request will be declined;
      • Members funding their Casino 1920 accounts through ACH deposits must have all their Casino 1920 account transactions up to date and clear prior to requesting a withdrawal.
    9. Paper Check Withdrawals:
      • Casino 1920 will only deliver paper checks to the physical address on file. If delivery of a paper check to a Member’s physical address cannot be completed three (3) times, the withdrawal amount will be credited to the Member’s Casino 1920 account and the option for paper check withdrawals disabled.
    10. Verification Process:
      • Casino 1920 security and management randomly chooses accounts with pending withdrawals for additional review and verification to discourage fraud and money laundering. This process may be initiated up to twice per calendar year and involves a review and authentication of all documentation and information submitted by a Member, matching all account data with submitted documentation and an analysis of all of the Member’s Game sessions.
    11. Update Payment Method:
      • Casino 1920 requests and provides all withdrawal and corresponding information through email at [email protected] Casino 1920 will not request or provide account information over the phone or through chat. Any incorrect information provided by a Member that results in transfers to an incorrect account is the sole responsibility of the Member and Casino 1920 will not be held liable in such an event.
    12. Wagering Requirements:
      • Prior to any withdrawal request, a Member’s wagers must total a minimum of thirty (30) times the Bonus amount and deposit amount;
      • Prior to any withdrawal request for Free Money, the Member’s wagers must total a minimum of ninety-nine (99) times the Free Money amount;
      • Any Free Money given without requiring a deposit, e.g. a Non-Deposit Coupon, loyalty Bonus, comps, VIP Bonus, vanity card, manager deposit, competition/tournament prizes, compensation Bonus, inconvenience Bonus, birthday Bonus etc. (unless otherwise stated) will have a maximum cash out of five (5) times the Bonus given, e.g. for 50 USD given, the maximum cash out equals 250 USD (Random Jackpots are also included).
      • Promotions and offers will have individually defined wagering requirements. The Member is responsible for knowing these requirements prior to accepting a promotion or offer. Specific wagering requirements for promotions and offers can be requested from Casino 1920;
      • Members may, at their sole discretion, request Casino 1920 cancel a Deposit Bonus to remove the wagering requirements placed on their account. Note: Members placing wagers while a Deposit Bonus is reflected in their account balance have accepted the full Terms and Conditions of the Deposit Bonus promotion and cannot choose to cancel the Deposit Bonus;
      • Members are not allowed to withdraw Sign-up Bonuses or attendant winnings. Upon the Member’s first deposit, however, the winnings shall be converted to a 100% Deposit Bonus up to 100 USD;
      • The Wagering Requirements presented here are subject to the contribution rate of each Game at Casino 1920. Wagers are credited toward the requirements as follows:
        • 5% contribution rate for Blackjack;
        • 7% contribution rate for Roulette;
        • 25% contribution rate for Video Poker, Keno, Baccarat, Casino War and Weed Whacker;
        • 100% contribution rate for Slot Games.
  8. Bonus Rules
    1. Play Money:
      • Casino 1920 offers “Play Money” to Members as a way of enhancing the casino experience;
      • Promotional offers delivered by email and newsletter to Members stipulate the amount of Play Money awarded and how it is awarded;
      • Play Money is strictly limited to use for play in Casino 1920 Games and is not eligible for withdrawal;
      • A minimum of one (1) deposit with Casino 1920 is required to be eligible for Play Money;
      • In the event a Member receives invitations to multiple Promotional Bonus offers, the Member will be limited to the first offer with all subsequent offers deemed invalid.
      • Redeeming non-deposit bonuses consecutively is not allowed. A minimum real-money deposit of $30 needs to be made in the interim for Player to be eligible to redeem another non-deposit bonus.
    2. Deposit Bonus:
      • A percentage of a Member’s deposit shall be credited to their Casino 1920 account as an additional deposit upon completion of the Bonus requirement defined in the promotional offer based on a Member’s deposit activity;
      • Deposit Bonuses will be completed after the initial deposit has been fully credited to the Member’s Casino 1920 account.
    3. Bonus Promotions:
      • Casino 1920 may, at its sole discretion, email the selected Members’ information about Bonus Promotions or publish Bonus Promotions on the Casino 1920 website or other websites and forums;
      • Should there be evidence a Member was not invited to participate in a Bonus Promotion, Casino 1920 shall not honor any associated payouts or awards. Furthermore, Casino 1920 reserves the exclusive right to prohibit any Member from participating in any Bonus Promotion at any time for any reason;
      • Casino 1920 shall provide information about planned or ongoing Bonus Promotions to any Member regardless of eligibility. Should the Member’s account not meet the conditions set forth in the Bonus Promotion, that Member will be ineligible to participate.
    4. Should Casino 1920 suspect any Member of targeting Bonuses or engaging in Bonus-seeking strategies, Casino 1920 shall prohibit their participation in any Bonus activity
      • Casino 1920 reserves the exclusive right to prohibit collection of any Bonus or close a Member’s account in response to Bonus-seeking strategies as defined in rule 8.2.
    5. Bonus Priority Rules
      If more than one valid Bonus of different types (Bonus by percent, Bonus by amount, percentage with fixed amount Bonus) is assigned to a player before they make a deposit, the following conditions apply:
      • The amount of each valid Bonus assigned to a player is calculated and the highest possible Bonus amount is indicated and selected. All the remaining Bonuses a player is eligible to receive are automatically annulled by the system. Example: if the player has a second part of FDB at their disposal and receives an additional Bonus of a higher amount, the former Bonus amount is cancelled and the latter comes into force.
      • If a player has several Bonuses of the same amount, the application then verifies the Bonuses’ priority and activates the one with the highest priority level. All other Bonuses are cancelled.
      • If the Bonuses a player is eligible to receive are of the same prority, the oldest Bonus is to be activated and other Bonuses are to be cancelled.
    6. Bonus Abuse Rules:
      • Any Member using Bonuses to gain advangtage or employ an advantage-play strategy or betting system to the disadvantage of the casino without the intention of entertainment shall constitute “Bonus Abuse.” Members engaged in Bonus Abuse will immediately have their account closed and be blacklisted with Casino 1920. Should the Member have previously withdrawn money equal to or in excess of the initial deposit no further action will be taken; if the Member has made no withdrawal or withdrawn less than their initial deposit, they will be refunded an amount up to their initial deposit;
      • Casino 1920 is a corporation and governed by regulations and rules which prohibit and discourage dishonest players from playing on the Casino 1920 website;
      • Casino 1920 does not allow Bonus Abuse by Members using Play Money. The play of Play Money is constantly monitored and analyzed by gaming specialists. Any Member engaging in advantage play practices with Play Money will have all of their winnings voided; their accounts immediately closed; and forfeit all money therein. Further, said Member will be blacklisted; The same applies when Casino 1920 finds out that the player has played at any other on-line casino sites under any of the foregoing circumstances set out;
      • Casino 1920 accepts Members from all countries in the world with the exception of Israel, Ukraine, Romania and Poland.
  9. Comp Points
    Casino 1920 players are eligible to collect the reward points further referred to as ‘Comp Points’. Comp Points are generated with every wager. New players get 1 Comp Point for each $5 wagered. To receive 1 Comp Point Other Members have to place a $2 bet. The Bronze Members can use up to 10K Points per month. The Silver Members can use 75K Points per month, and the Golden Account enables you to use even 200K Points per month.
    500 Comp Points are the equivalent to $5. The money received from Comp Points serves the wagering purposes only as it is Bonus Money. Comp Points cannot be converted to Bonus Money in the following situations:
    • when the player has never deposited money with Casino 1920;
    • when the player’s account is frozen, their deposits are disabled or the withdrawal cannot be processed;
    • when the player has negative account balance.

    Comp Points Terms and Conditions, their accumulation and exchange rate, may be subject to change without prior notification, at the sole discretion of Casino 1920.

  10. Selfie Promotion – Terms and Conditions
    Every player at Casino 1920 can join the ‘Selfie Promotion’ by sending a photo complying with the terms listed below. By sending a photograph, the player agrees to the following Terms:
    • The offer starts on October 24, 2014 and ends on November 9, 2014. Only the photographs submitted during that time are eligible for the $30 gift.
    • The photograph has to meet the following requirements:
      • One user can send one photo.
      • The user should be at least 18.
      • The photograph must depict the user submitting it & must be legally owned by them.
    • Casino 1920 has the final say on whether the photograph meets the requirements or not.
    • It is forbidden to send the photos which depict illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco products, items or actions promoting illegal activities, hate, violence, discrimination or the actions considered to be obscene, actions violating any copyrights or privacy rights, any adult-related materials or services, firearms, ammunition, or any other weapons.
    • Players are eligible to get the gift upon sending their photo, without being required to fund their account at Casino 1920. Players whose photos are considered appropriate, will be awarded with $30 bonus money transferred into their account within 3 business days.
    • No substitution of prizes is permitted. The prizes will be awarded as bonus money.
    • Any photo submitted to Casino 1920 becomes the property of Casino 1920. Casino 1920 may use photos in any manner in the future. Players grant to Casino 1920 the right to use and publish their photo and proper name.
    • Casino 1920 can benefit financially from the photographs.
    • Casino 1920 reserves the right to change the ‘Selfie Promotion’ Terms & Conditions at any time.
    • The general Casino 1920 Terms and Conditions are superordinate to these Terms and Conditions, so that they take precedence in case of any possible contradictions.
  11. No-Deposit Bonus
    1. $35 No-Deposit Bonus requirement is 99x and any winnings accrued may not be withdrawn until the Player has wagered at least 99x their bonus amount. The No-Deposit Bonus can only be used to play Classic Slots and Video Slots. A maximum cash-out for a wagered No-Deposit Bonus is 100 USD (Bonus Code: TBFCFREE).
  12. Disclaimer
    1. This contract is governed by the English version of the Casino 1920 rules. The English version will supersede any version published in a different language should any discrepancy arise.
    2. All laws and legislation in the jurisdiction where Casino 1920 Members legally reside shall be applicable and we advise Members to comply with their local requirements.
    3. Casino 1920 provides no advice or services regarding taxation or legal matters to our Members.
    4. Casino 1920 shall neither acknowledge nor accept liability or be held responsible for damages claimed by a Member or third party as a result of:
      • Criminal activity;
      • Casino 1920 rule violations;
      • Casino 1920 advice;
      • Financial loss or risk as a result of changes in exchange rates or any other factors;
      • Misunderstandings, misreadings, misinterpretations, misprints, mistranslations, mistakes, spelling errors, transaction errors, registration errors, technical issues, Force Majeure or similar instances.
    5. Casino 1920 provides SMS notifications as a service of convenience only and cannot be held legally responsible or liable for any errors of content or omission.
    6. Dispute resolution shall be conducted at the sole discretion of Casino 1920 and in compliance with equity principles.
    7. Casino 1920 takes all reasonable measures to ensure the Casino 1920 proprietary computer system allows Members to rejoin a Game that has been interrupted as a result of telecommunications system failure or the Member’s computer system. In the unlikely event that a Member is unable to rejoin a game upon restoration of all failing systems and the failure to rejoin is a direct result of the Casino 1920 Software:
      • Casino 1920 shall investigate the Game and may terminate it;
      • Casino 1920 shall credit the amount of the lost wager to the Member’s Casino 1920 account.
    8. In the event of a Game being interrupted as a result of the Casino 1920 Software failure:
        Casino 1920 shall credit the amount of the lost wager as well as any credits accrued when the Game was interrupted to the Member’s Casino 1920 account.
    9. Casino 1920 advises Member not to begin another Game when there is a possibility it too may experience the same issue.
    10. In the event any display errors are in conflict with the software data, the software data will take precedence and winning amounts will reflect the software data rather than the displayed amount.
    11. Casino 1920′s liability in the event of any legally binding decision by courts or other relevant authorities with recognized jurisdiction of Casino 1920 is strictly limited to the lesser amount of the Net Winning or Stake. Casino 1920′s liability regarding Casino 1920 accounts is limited to the lesser of transferred amounts out of or into Casino 1920 accounts.
    12. By choosing to participate in Games on the Casino 1920 website, you acknowledge and accept the inherent limitations and risks of the Internet including but not limited to:
        • Lack of data protection;
        • Technical capacity including time required to complete consultation, transfer or interrogation of data, potential interruption and any and all connection or transmission failure risks inherent in the technology;
        • Network issues preventing smooth interaction with any Game;
        • Reception or transmission issues involving information and data over the Internet;
        • Device failures in communication or reception circuits;
        • Data loss;
        • Damage resulting from device used by the Player;
        • Damage resulting from technical failures, computing bugs or viruses;

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