• General

    • Do I have to be adult to start playing in Casino 1920?

      The minimum player’s age to open an account and play in Casino 1920 is eighteen (18) years old.

    • Is it possible to create 2 accounts on the same computer? Am I allowed to use 1 credit card to fund 2 different accounts?

      Casino 1920 is designed to allow to create only one account per computer. Each additional account will be automatically blocked. Moreover, you can use your credit card to fund one account only. If used to fund more than one account, the card will be immediately blocked due to fraud prevention.

    • I am not able to login to my account. What should I do?

      It is likely that you have entered the incorrect username or password. If you are sure that both username and password have been entered correctly and still cannot log in, please contact us via our Live Chat.

    • Are my payouts taxable?

      Since the tax policies may differ in around the world, we cannot give you a clear information on taxes. It is your duty to check the tax policy in your jurisdiction.

    • Where is Casino 1920 located?

      Casino 1920 is located in Spanish Town, British Virgin Islands.

    • Is it possible to try out Casino 1920 without depositing real money?

      Yes. Our players can play all the games offered in the real version without risking their real money. To start playing for fun, simply go to the lobby and select the option ”Switch to Practice Mode”.

    • How to start playing at Casino 1920?

      First, you need to register an account at Casino 1920. Please keep in mind, that all information you provide must match your personal information on your ID and banking documents. Please be aware that some email providers may forward our emails to the Spam folder due to online gambling prevention. To make sure you receive all emails from Casino 1920, you need to add [email protected] to your mailing list.

    • How to win the Random jackpot?

      The random jackpot is the high cash prize being built up as players wager. The random jackpot is being built until one of the players wins it. Every time the random jackpot is won it starts to build up again.

      In order to win the random jackpot you need to play a progressive game. It does not matter which particular progressive game you are playing and what is the amount of the bet.

  • Withdrawals

  • Deposits

  • Bonus

    • How to receive a bonus?

      You have to claim your Bonus before you make a deposit. You can find the Bonus code on Casino 1920 website or you can contact our Customer Support to receive one. After obtaining the code you should claim the Bonus via our Live Chat.

    • What are 'Wagering Requirements'?

      After you receive the Bonus, your deposit and Bonus amount needs to be wagered a certain number of times before you are eligible to withdraw. Bonus wagering requirements count toward 30 times before cashout.

    • Why haven't I received the bonus yet?

      Among the possible reasons why you didn’t receive the Bonus are the following:

      • You have not deposited the required amount.
      • You have tried to combine two different Bonuses. The application selects the Bonus with the highest possible amount from all player’s valid Bonuses. If two or more Bonuses have the same amount, the application activates the Bonus with the highest priority and cancel all other Bonuses.
      • The games you currently play are excluded on this type of Bonus.
      • The requested Bonus has expired or is not valid anymore.

      Please bear in mind that, if there is no problem, the Bonus should be credited in your Casino 1920 account immediately. If you need help or further information on Casino 1920 Bonus policy, please contact our Customer Support via phone / Live Chat BEFORE you make a deposit.

  • Support

    • Are there any differences between the Flash Version and the downloaded one?

      The Flash Version is prepared for players who do not want to download our software. Playing the Flash Version is as exciting and comfortable as using Casino 1920 software since all the games load very quickly and smoothly. Nevertheless, some of the games offered in the downloaded version are not available in the Flash version.

      Moreover, installing Casino 1920 software, including the casino multimedia and graphics, makes the games more stable than playing the Flash Version.

    • I do not receive any Casino 1920 emails. What is wrong?

      Some of email providers tend to block messages from online casinos due to online gambling prevention. These mostly include the following email providers: Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, Comcast, AOL, Verizon.

    • How to add to [email protected] mailing list through my email provider?

      Below you will find simple instructions on how to add Casino 1920 to the safe mailing list depending on your email service provider:

      • Outlook
        1. Choose ‘Address Book’ in the ‘tools’ menu.
        2. Select ‘New Entry’ and then click ‘New Contact’. A new window will open.
        3. Enter Casino 1920 in the ‘Full Name’ field and type our email address: [email protected] into the email address box.
        4. Click on ‘Save and Close’.
      • MSN or Hotmail
        1. Choose the ‘Options’ tab in your mailbox.
        2. Open ‘Junk E-Mail Protection’ and click on ‘Safe List’.
        3. Type our email addresses: and add [email protected] into your safe list.
        4. Should you see any of our emails in your Junk Mail folder, click on ‘This is not Junk Mail’. Therefore, other emails from the same sender will not be sent to the Junk Mail folder in the future.
      • Yahoo Mail
          1. Choose ‘Mail Options’ in your Yahoo mailbox.
          2. Select ‘Filters’ and then click ‘Add Filter’.
          3. Select ‘Contains’ in the pull-down menu [in 'From header' top row].
          4. Enter our email address: [email protected]
          5. At the bottom, in ‘Move the Message to’, choose ‘Inbox’ from the pull-down menu.
          6. Once again, click the ‘Add Filter’ button.

        If our emails have been filtered to your ‘bulk’ folder, just open the message and click ‘This is not Spam’.

      • AOL
        1. Go to keyword ‘Spam Controls’ in your mailbox. Choose version 9.0.
        2. Open an email from Casino 1920.
        3. Add our email addresses: [email protected] to your ‘People I Know’.
        4. Replace the address in the ‘Send’ box with a Casino 1920 address.
      • Wanadoo
        1. Open an email received from Casino 1920 in your mailbox.
        2. Double-click on the message. It will open in a new window.
        3. Click with the right mouse button on the address you want to add, then click on ‘Add to Address Book’ in the menu.
      • Gmail
        1. Choose ‘Contacts’ in your Gmail mailbox.
        2. Click ‘New Contact’.
        3. In the ‘Name’ filed enter Casino 1920, and in the ‘Email’ field enter [email protected]
        4. Click ”Add”.
      • Comcast
        1. Choose the ‘Compose Email’ button.
        2. Above the ‘Favorites’ box click the ‘Edit’ link.
        3. Select the email addresses you want to add to favorites list and click ‘Add’. Then click ‘Save’.
      • SBC Global
        1. Select ‘Mail Options’ in your mailbox.
        2. Choose ‘Filters’, and then click ‘Add Filter’.
        3. Select ‘Contains’ in the pull-down menu of ‘From header’.
        4. Enter our email address: [email protected]
        5. Choose ‘Inbox’ from the pull-down menu in ‘Move the Message to’ and click the ‘Add Filter’ button again.
        6. If our emails have been filtered to your ‘bulk’ folder, just open the message and click ‘This is not Spam’.
    • The software suddenly logged me out when at the time I was playing. What happened? Will I lose my money?

      It is commonly known that every software occasionally crashes. Casino 1920 software, although it is professionally designed and exceptionally stable, may still malfunction.The possible reason may be a random error or a player’s computer’s error.

      A player does not have to worry about their account balance. Casino 1920 software is filled with a wide array of security features recording your games and retaining the balance should the software crash. Please be aware that the account balance may be a little different, as the round being played might have ended as a win or loss and you might have not seen it.