Fair Gaming

Here at Casino 1920, we advocate fair gaming policy and strive to ensure that all gaming operations are transparent and honest, both for the operator and the players.

Casino 1920 is fully committed to providing its players with a secure and safe gaming environment as well as professional assistance whenever needed.

Casino 1920 uses a special RNG system (Random Number Generator) to guarantee that all our operations and games are truly random, including the performance of our computer-powered „Dealer”.

The sophisticated Random Number Generator used in our Games was tested on our Casino 1920 software by the world’s leading accounting firms. The quality test results prove that the system is running smoothly and the systematic examination of all games ensures this positive outcome is maintained.

In addition, the Casino 1920 average payout percentage, which is the percentage of total winnings to total wagered amounts, is being reviewed each month to further assure our players of our adherence to the principle of fair gaming.

Furthermore, the entire history of your games and finacial operations can be accessed by you at all times. With our built-in game feature you can review all details concerning each of your wagers such as: exact time and date, amount wagered, game results and winnings, whereas the financial history enables you to view the record of all your past transactions: deposits and withdrawals. The access to this unique set of features is unlimited while online.