Anti-Spam Policy

As Casino 1920 consistently reckons spam to be unnecessary and irritant to both the Internet users and online service providers, we have enforced our complete anti-spam policy. We may amend this anti-spam policy at any time. Should a new version be published, we will inform you forthwith through our Newsletter or via Casino 1920 homepage.


In the electronic marketing and online messaging world, “spam” is commonly understood as unsolicited or unwanted email, usually sent for commercial purposes. Under the guise of online advertising, spam elements often waste valuable digital resources of the users and Internet providers. Since spam is not requested or anticipated by the message recipient, one can call it the exact opposite of the rightful email.


Casino 1920 only sends newsletters and advertising materials upon our customers’ full acceptance. We use the following procedures to avoid spamming:

  • Terms & Conditions Agreement
    Although acceding to our Terms & Conditions during account registration at Casino 1920 is tantamount to accepting our notification and promotional emails regularly, a customer who does not wish to receive such emails may still agree to the Terms & Conditions. Casino 1920 always grants customers the ability to opt-in or opt-out.
  • Unsubscribe
    Inserting an unsubscribe link in every single email we send is the matter of utmost importance to us. To unreservedly abide by the Anti-Spam Policy and to fully satisfy customers’ needs, Casino 1920 always provides website visitors with a request link to be removed from our mailing lists.
    Casino 1920 is wont to warn its members who have clicked on the unsubscribe link that they are about to remove their email address from our mailing lists and that they need to confirm this process through an activation link. This step is absolutely essential to ensure that the user is genuinely requesting to be removed from the lists. Adscititiously, every Casino 1920 customer may always request to be added back to our mailing lists.


Since the Casino 1920 customers come from various parts of the world and the legalities regarding Spam Policies may diverge across different countries, we have done our best to formulate the anti-spam policy in compliance with the highest international standards.

Thereupon, Casino 1920 does not practice the following activities:

  • The use of fake information, including fake headers, in order to dissimulate the exact origin of the email sender or to identify the email transmission path.
  • The use of a third party’s domain name in an unauthorized way and with no permission from such third party, in order to evoke the impression of the third party being the point of origin of the message.
  • The use of any misleading or fake information in the email subject line.
  • Assistance provided to any other person as regards the use of Casino 1920 services or products will be deemed illegal.


On no account does Casino 1920 purchase email lists from third parties. All our email recipients are members to the Casino 1920 who have agreed to receive such emails.

We do not tolerate purchasing email lists and will never use purchased email lists to email the customers, should anything happen.